Trend Report: How to Wear Gingham at the Office

Runway to Office; Gingham


Welcome to 2015!  After a two week hiatus, I am back!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  I spent quality time with my family, which is better than any present I received. Nothing is more Christmas-y than enjoying time with those that I love most.

I love the start of the new year.  Although it’s technically just another month, January brings with it a sense of renewal and excitement.  Everyone sounds hopeful, outlooks are bright and people feel like this is the time to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.  As I have been planning and preparing my content for 2015, I decided to build on the theme of trying new things for both you and me.  It’s a new year and you are probably thinking about updating your look.  What better way than to try out the latest trends.

Every year brings its own set of fashion trends, usually a combination of 2014 trends that have evolved and the hottest looks from designers’ spring/summer collections.  I love reading about “what’s hot” in all the magazines and thinking about how to incorporate them into my weekend look.  However, my reality, and probably yours as well, is that I spend most of my time in “work clothes” so for me it’s about making the trends work every day.  When you look at pictures from runway shows, the clothes and how they are put together seem so over the top, which is exactly what designers are going for.  But it’s actually not that hard to wear some of those trends at work.  It’s about using it as inspiration and bringing in one piece that speaks to the designer’s vision.

So, with that, I bring you the first installment of a series of Trend Reports that I will be featuring this month.  I have spent weeks researching the hottest trends for 2015.  I will share those with you and how you can wear them to work.  The end result will be a more style conscious, put-together you.  You will look fabulous and on point.  As with all personal style, it isn’t about wearing all the trends, but wearing those that speak to you.

This week it’s about gingham.  The print may seem familiar (you’re thinking picnic table cloth?!).  It’s an evolution of the plaid trend from 2014.  Gingham was a frequent pattern featured in a lot of the spring/summer collection runway shows.  Most models who came out in it were covered in gingham from head to toe.  Obviously, that is not going to work at the office.  However, when worn subtly, it definitely adds a pop to any work look.

Here are a three pieces of clothing that you can add to your closet and wear with your existing clothes to create a stylish gingham look.  I’ve purposely selected the black and white color palette because it’s the easiest to wear, especially if you are unsure of this look or it’s new to you.  Gingham comes in a variety of colors and as the spring clothes starting making their way into the stores, you will probably find it in an array of pastels.  As you get comfortable you can venture out and give these a try.

  • Look #1: Gingham dress.  You can add almost any color blazer to this dress.  The classic black pump completes the look.
  • Look #2:  Gingham pants.  You can dress these up for work or dress them down for a more relaxed day in the office.  For fun, I’ve added a patterned polka dot top to create a pattern on pattern look.
  • Look #3:  Gingham shirt.  A subtle way to incorporate this bold pattern.  Add to a classic suit for a sophisticated look.

I would love to see how you incorporate gingham into your work wardrobe.  Email me pictures and I’ll feature you on my sight.  And check back next week for another 2015 trend and how to make it office ready.

Alexandra Brunetti


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