Two Week Roundup of Shop Your Closet Outfits

Hello my friends!  It has been way too long.  I finally carved out some time to get back to writing my blog.  I’ve been super busy with work, family and planning a super exciting series of events that are happening next week.  I’ll fill in on those later 😉

Last week was my first full week of the Beyond the Suit Shop Your Closet challenge.  I’ve been so good.  Despite all the temptation around me (I work in a major shopping area) I stayed focused and didn’t shop.  And, most importantly, I spent time in my closet getting reacquainted to all the clothes I own.  I dug deep and found some treasures!  Clothes I haven’t worn in well over a year and, I’m ashamed to admit this, but clothes with tags still on them.  But this challenge is breathing new life into my closet.  I now realized sometimes we can all get in a rut with our work attire.  Working in a corporate environment can stifle creativity so we wear the same clothes, the same way, all the time.  This is why I am really pushing myself to look at my clothes through a new lens and come up with new ways to wear them.  Here’s a tip:  When you just feel like you have no other way to wear a certain article of clothing, open up your Pinterest app and do a search for that piece along with the word “work”.  Instant inspiration!
So here some of my my looks for the past two week.  If you are doing this style challenge with me, don’t forget to tag your photos on social media with #BTSShopYourCloset.  I’m keeping an eye out for your creations.  
And check back in a few days for major news!

Dress: Bloomingdales, Jacket: Saks Fifth Avenue, Shoes: French Connection, Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane


Top: Target, Skirt: Escada, Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi, Necklace: I can’t remember but i bought it on RueLaLa.


Dress: H&M, Jacket & Necklace: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Enzo


This skirt has been hanging in my closet, unworn, for over a year. A travesty! Sweater: Gap, Denim Shirt: Lauren Conrad, Skirt: Escada, Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi, Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane


Throwback to a Ted Talk I watched a few months ago where the speaker shared that before any big meeting or presentation, once should stand in a power pose to build their self confidence and pump themselves up. Dress: J. Crew, Jacket: Theory, Shoes: French Connection, Necklace: Van Cleef & Arpels


White Shirt: H&M, Striped Shirt: Express, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: French Connection, Necklace: Forever21


Shirt: Banana Republic, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi, Necklace H&M

Trend Report: How to Wear Gingham at the Office

Runway to Office; Gingham


Welcome to 2015!  After a two week hiatus, I am back!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  I spent quality time with my family, which is better than any present I received. Nothing is more Christmas-y than enjoying time with those that I love most.

I love the start of the new year.  Although it’s technically just another month, January brings with it a sense of renewal and excitement.  Everyone sounds hopeful, outlooks are bright and people feel like this is the time to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.  As I have been planning and preparing my content for 2015, I decided to build on the theme of trying new things for both you and me.  It’s a new year and you are probably thinking about updating your look.  What better way than to try out the latest trends.

Every year brings its own set of fashion trends, usually a combination of 2014 trends that have evolved and the hottest looks from designers’ spring/summer collections.  I love reading about “what’s hot” in all the magazines and thinking about how to incorporate them into my weekend look.  However, my reality, and probably yours as well, is that I spend most of my time in “work clothes” so for me it’s about making the trends work every day.  When you look at pictures from runway shows, the clothes and how they are put together seem so over the top, which is exactly what designers are going for.  But it’s actually not that hard to wear some of those trends at work.  It’s about using it as inspiration and bringing in one piece that speaks to the designer’s vision.

So, with that, I bring you the first installment of a series of Trend Reports that I will be featuring this month.  I have spent weeks researching the hottest trends for 2015.  I will share those with you and how you can wear them to work.  The end result will be a more style conscious, put-together you.  You will look fabulous and on point.  As with all personal style, it isn’t about wearing all the trends, but wearing those that speak to you.

This week it’s about gingham.  The print may seem familiar (you’re thinking picnic table cloth?!).  It’s an evolution of the plaid trend from 2014.  Gingham was a frequent pattern featured in a lot of the spring/summer collection runway shows.  Most models who came out in it were covered in gingham from head to toe.  Obviously, that is not going to work at the office.  However, when worn subtly, it definitely adds a pop to any work look.

Here are a three pieces of clothing that you can add to your closet and wear with your existing clothes to create a stylish gingham look.  I’ve purposely selected the black and white color palette because it’s the easiest to wear, especially if you are unsure of this look or it’s new to you.  Gingham comes in a variety of colors and as the spring clothes starting making their way into the stores, you will probably find it in an array of pastels.  As you get comfortable you can venture out and give these a try.

  • Look #1: Gingham dress.  You can add almost any color blazer to this dress.  The classic black pump completes the look.
  • Look #2:  Gingham pants.  You can dress these up for work or dress them down for a more relaxed day in the office.  For fun, I’ve added a patterned polka dot top to create a pattern on pattern look.
  • Look #3:  Gingham shirt.  A subtle way to incorporate this bold pattern.  Add to a classic suit for a sophisticated look.

I would love to see how you incorporate gingham into your work wardrobe.  Email me pictures and I’ll feature you on my sight.  And check back next week for another 2015 trend and how to make it office ready.

Now We Can All Shop Olivia Pope’s Closet

Something amazing has happened.  The Limited teamed up Scandal star Kerry Washington and costume designers Lyn Paolo & Elliot Staples to create a collection inspired by Olivia Pope.  If you watch Scandal, and who doesn’t, this is a dream come true.  No one embodies confidence, style and success like Olivia Pope.  You can shop the entire collection on The Limited website, but I’ve pulled some of my favorite pieces from the collection.  Only problem, we don’t have a Limited in NYC – ugh!  Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend! :)


Scandal Gladiator Wear

How to Incorporate the Color Block Trend into Your Work Look

Dressing for work doesn’t mean that you have to wear the typical muted color palette that comes to mind when you think corporate environment.  Enter one of my favorite trends: color blocking.  Color blocking is simply when you wear multiple solid colors together in an outfit.  You start with two colors, typically in shades that are bold and bright.  You can build upon that and add more color with your accessories.  Check out two looks I recently wore to work.  The first is combining bluish/teal with fuscia.  Those colors are very bright (the picture tones it down a bit) so I chose to keep the accessories neutral.  The second look is bringing together cobalt blue and black.  The black is an easy way to cheat on this look because black goes well with so many colors.  I chose to add more dimension to my outfit by wearing a geometric black and white blouse. (Geometrics – another one of my favorite trends!)  Now that you have an idea of what you can do with color blocking, while keeping it professional, you should give it a try.  There are so many color combinations you can do – many that you would think clash but in reality look great and so stylish.  Orange & pink, purple & pink, purple & red, purple & green, the list is endless.  The trick is to stay within the same color-type.  A burnt orange and a baby pink won’t work, but if they are both bright, then it looks great. Here are color-type suggestions:

  • Bold
  • Primary colors
  • Bright neons
  • Pastels

Go into your closet and play around with what you have. You may be able to create a couple of new outfits you wouldn’t have considered.



Sometimes its the two colors you don’t think go together that create the interesting color blocking look.  Shirt & Skirt:  Banana Republic, Necklace:  Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes:  Cole Hahn


Black is an easy add to any other color to create an office appropriate colorblocking look.

Black is an easy add to any other color to create an office appropriate colorblocking look.



photo 2

Add a pattern to create more dimension. Blazer: Theory, Shirt: Banana Republic, Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi

Fall Must Haves for Work

Labor day is behind us which means fall is right around the corner (technically 16 days away). Although I am trying to get my last couple of wears of my summer wardrobe, which is definitely going my way in NYC with the recent “heatwave”, I’m already thinking about all the things I need to get ready for the upcoming season. So I’ve put together my list of must haves and am sharing them with you. What do you think?


Fall Must Haves for Work


  • Leopard flats – I love leopard print anything but when you’re talking about incorporating it into your work look, you do want to be subtle.  Shoes are a great way to rock this animal print.  And bonus  – they are flats!  I love heels (more than I love leopard) but sometimes you want to give your feet a break.
  • Swarovski ballpoint pen – Sure, you can get a fancy Mont Blanc, but if you lose it, like I did, you are out $200 – minimum.  This pen is functional, absolutely beautiful and most importantly, the price is right. And if you lose this one, you are only out $35.
  • Button down white shirt – You can never have too many button down white shirts.  What I love about this particular one is that it is not your standard oxford shirt.  The bow is so feminine.
  • Productivity tools – I love a good app, but I especially love apps that increase my productivity, help me be more organized and ultimately give me a competitive edge at work.   Evernote is all the talk right now and I encourage you to check it out.
  • iPhone 6 – I’m not a tech geek but everything I read about the iPhone 6 has me excited for the big unveil on September 9th.  We work in a world where we don’t sit at our desks all day.  We work from anywhere and all the time.  The (rumored) bigger screen on the iPhone 6 but all the upgrades (speed, technology, camera, battery, etc) definitely makes this an awesome mobile device for our on-the-go integrated work-lives.
  • Berry colored lipstick – I have nothing to say other than I really like this color!  The jewel tone of this particular one by Milani (drugstore brand) will work well from fall into winter (did I just write winter? gross!)   And the color lasts all day.
  • Statement bracelets – Bracelets are the new ‘it’ accessory.  Move over statement necklaces – I still love you but I am going to start incorporating bold bracelets into my look.  I especially love this one from Banana Republic.  It will look great with my work outfits but also works well with my weekend looks.
  • Vision board – As we get closer to the end of the year, its important to give thought to what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year.  I think vision boards are a great way to visualize your career aspirations and helps keep you focused.  I especially like the vision board tool on  Great way to create a board without paper cuts and sticky hands.

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