The Women of EMC Ring the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Well, it’s time to share the big news I alluded to in last Thursday’s post.  I was hoping to get ahead of this and post an update in the morning but with all the work that went into the execution of this HUGE event, I missed that window.

Today, the women of EMC celebrated International Women’s Day at the New York Stock Exchange.  We went down to Wall Street and painted the stock exchange purple!

As Presidents of EMC’s Women’s Leadership Forum in NYC, my colleague Madinah McDonald and I rang the closing bell.  For us, this was our moment to showcase our Company’s commitment around diversity & inclusion, but more specifically women in the workplace.  I am so proud to play a key role in EMC’s efforts.

Ringing the bell was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  And the NYSE was an incredible host.  You think they’ll let me do it again…like next week?

Watch EMC’s Women’s Leadership Forum ring the closing bell here:




The women of EMC are ringing the bell



Presidents on the Trading Floor: Madinah McDonald & I!!



Let’s #makeithappen. I’m ready to ring the bell!!