Infusing Personal Style into Your Suit

I don’t usually wear a matching suit to work but there is a time and a place for everything.  And my meeting this week with a more conservative business leader called for a more “corporate” look.  So here is a pant suit I wore this past week.  Even though I was trying to look more corporate, I still tried to infuse my style and personality.  What better way to make a navy suit pop than with colors and patterns.  I love the subtle pattern on this peplum-like shirt.  And the red shoes add an interesting touch.  This pair of red shoes has turned into a neutral for me, which I have been pairing with lots of different looks and colors.  No more boring suit – now you can make it your own!









Suit:  Theory | Shirt: H&M | Shoes: Via Spiga | Necklace: Van Cleef & Arpels

How to Transition Your Work Wear from Day to Night

What a week!!  If you live in the northeast, you know exactly what I mean.  This week the northeast experienced the #blizzardof2015 also known as #snowmageddon. But for those of us in NYC, it was the storm that never was – much to do about nothing.  I’m not complaining, who wants 3 feet of snow dumped on them, but it definitely threw off my plans.  I was forced to stay home for a 2 days video conference meeting- again, not a complaint since the meeting was originally supposed to take place in the Boston area.  But, by Thursday, I was beyond delighted to head into the office and needed a little time with my friends to celebrate my reemergence.  Which brings me to the topic at hand – how to transition from day to night.  If you do any entertaining for work or just enjoy happy hour with your colleagues, you sometimes want to change up your look from business to fun.  And you can easily do this by switching out a couple of accessories.  On Thursday I had a bunch of meetings in the office and on video (gotta love working for a tech company :) ) so I wore a LBD (little black dress) with a blazer.  When it was time to head out for a beverage (or two) I took of the blazer, changed up my necklace and shoes, threw on a belt (which I ended up knotting for both function and fashion – it was too long) and added a clutch for easy handling at the bar.  A little hair flip to bring back the volume to my limp hair and viola – day to night was that simple.



Dress: Escada, Blazer: Theory, Necklace: Banana Republic, Belt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue




Dress: Escada, Necklace: H&M, Belt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Enzo Angionlini, Clutch: Chanel




Knot your belt, rather than buckling it, to create an interesting look.








How to Dress for Every Business Environment

I’ve recently been speaking with a lot of women who have been seeking my advice on what they should wear to work.  I respond with my version of “20 questions” so I can understand what their professional goals and personal style preferences are before I offer advice.  Eventually, I always get to the question of, “what is your work environment like?”

One mistake we make is that we don’t dress according to the company dress code.  Think about that person in your office that is always looks more casual than the rest of your colleagues.  What words would you use to describe them?  Junior? Inexperienced?  Not ambitious?  The reality may be further from the truth but it doesn’t matter; you’ve already made up your mind.

Adhering to the dressing norms of your company is the first step to building your personal brand and your executive presence.  Which brings me to this graphic I found on Business Insider.  If you are looking for a quick guide on what is acceptable in your corporate environment, then take a look at this.  Just keep in mind that this is meant to be a starting point.  Style is personal and its important your personality always shines through.  It makes you stand out and ultimately you want to leave a lasting impression.  Here’s a link to the entire article:  How To Dress Like A Leader In Any Work Environment


dress codes infographic_02.png

Trend Report: How to Wear White in the Winter

This week I bring you another trend report. As I mentioned in my last post, I want to start the year by sharing with you how you can incorporate the top 2015 trends into your business wear. I am allergic to the black pantsuit and am always looking for an alternative. So the next trend I am going to focus on is all white.

You’ve probably heard people say to you, “Don’t wear white after labor day”. Well forget that advice – this look isn’t confined by that rule! This is a trend and color that looks great year round. Everything goes with it and because it’s monochromatic, you will look longer and taller!

There is a little bit of art to wearing all white. Let me share with you a few tips on how you can master this look:

  • Pay attention to the fabric. For winter, choose heavier fabrics like tweeds and knits, incorporating silks and satins. For summer, light fabrics like denim, linens, cotton, lace trims and silk are best.
  • Break up the single color palette by mixing different shades of white.
  • Accessorize. Bring in fun patterns and colors to finish off your look.

Here are two outfits to help visualize this trend:

Wear White Like a Pro


You are now ready to be bold and rock your all white look.   Wear it with confidence and you will command everyone’s attention when you enter your next meeting.