Now We Can All Shop Olivia Pope’s Closet

Something amazing has happened.  The Limited teamed up Scandal star Kerry Washington and costume designers Lyn Paolo & Elliot Staples to create a collection inspired by Olivia Pope.  If you watch Scandal, and who doesn’t, this is a dream come true.  No one embodies confidence, style and success like Olivia Pope.  You can shop the entire collection on The Limited website, but I’ve pulled some of my favorite pieces from the collection.  Only problem, we don’t have a Limited in NYC – ugh!  Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend! :)


Scandal Gladiator Wear

Alexandra Brunetti


  1. Hey…I thought you already had plans this weekend! 😉 Something tells me a pit-stop along the GSP is in order! btw-I can’t believe you don’t have a Limited in NYC! I love that store! (There is one in the Staten Island Mall and they tend to have a good selection.)

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