Join me in celebrating what #LeadingLooksLike

LIMITED_2015_CASTED_ALEXANDRA_B_053_V2_RGB_72dpiI know it has been a while but I have exciting news that I couldn’t wait to share. I am thrilled to announce that I am part of an inspirational campaign launching today by national retailer, The Limited. The “New Look of Leadership” embraces female empowerment and celebrates the many faces of leadership seen today, honoring women who stand out, speak up and push boundaries in their everyday lives.  Earlier this year The Limited set out on a search to find women who they felt embodied a more progressive style of leadership.  The result is 60 women who are being featured from across different professions who inspire women to live an unLIMITED life.

I am humbled to have been selected by The Limited as a fearless leader, and honored to be among 59 women who I find truly inspiring.  But this isn’t only about me or the other 59 women.  This is about ALL the women demonstrating leadership every day in so many ways.  Please join me in representing the modern definition of leadership by snapping a picture of yourself showing how you are leading ever day in every way.  Post it on social media with the hashtag #LeadingLooksLike and join in on the conversation that I and so many other women are participating in by sharing your story.

To learn more about the “New Look of Leadership” visit The Limited’s website.  The stories of the 60 women will be part of a rolling launch starting now and continuing throughout the fall.  I will be featured this coming November along with 18 other women.  You can also read more about the campaign on the Huffington Post and

I love that The Limited is using their voice to send such a powerful message.  They are showing that leadership is not a result of a fancy title or having a team of people that work for you.  True leaders are passionate, stand up for what they believe in, make a positive contribution in the world, inspire others to be their best selves and lead with authenticity.  That can be anyone.  And that can be you.

The Limited “New Look of Leadership” Manifesto – 

Leading is a way of approaching life – and in today’s world, there are infinite shapes it can take.  It’s time the definition fit them all. So we’re calling on leaders of all types to help build a vibrant community of inspirational women. Together, we will recreate the picture of empowerment to reflect the authentic, modern leaders we see every day — answering the question, “What does leading look like?” with you. And her. And us.

Please help me get the message out there.  Share this with the modern woman redefining leadership and let’s show the world what #LeadingLooksLike.

And don’t forget to check me out online, in stores or in a promo-mailer coming to your home in November!

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Top 5 Posts of 2014

2014 was an amazing year for Beyond the Suit.  The blog was launched, we connected with hundreds of women who wanted to elevate their personal brand at work, we had our first event at the Massachusetts Conference for Women and our readership went global!  When I stop and look back at all the success it wouldn’t have happened without all of you – all the women (and even men) who come back weekly to read the blog, leave comments and share ideas.  This blog is for you and because of you.  Hope you have an amazing night bringing in the new year.  Look forward to everything 2015 will bring us!

And now, let’s countdown the top 5 blog posts of 2014:


#5  Does Your Outfit Speak to Who You Are?


Fun Suit Look


Sam Edelman Snake Print Pumps

Sam Edelman Snake Print Pumps

#3  Midi Skirt Trend – Office Ready


Top & Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes:  French Connection

Top & Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes: French Connection


#2  Career Advice from 5 Successful Female Leaders

L to R:  Stacey Rosati, Toni Johnson, Rebecca Forsbrey, Julie Belton, Stephanie Lubrano, Alexandra Brunetti

L to R: Stacey Rosati, Toni Johnson, Rebecca Forsbrey, Julie Belton, Stephanie Lubrano, Alexandra Brunetti


And the #1 post in 2014 is….

#1  How To Build Your Career Wardrobe:  Start with the Basics



#MassWomen Styling Event – The Value of a LinkedIn Picture

Hello all!  What a Thursday!  Yesterday I attended the MA Conference for Women both as an attendee but also (and most importantly)to style women for their professional head shots. It’s all about that first impression, so I wanted to make sure that all the ladies looked picture perfect and ready to conquer their career aspirations.   I got up at 5:30am, arrived at the convention center at 7am and was on my feet (really 4 inch heels) all day.  I met so many amazing women – so impressed with the positive and uplifting energy. It was such a pleasure for me to converse with them and learn about their careers and passions.

If you have a LinkedIn profile (which you should!) make sure you have a photo uploaded as well.  If you don’t, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Your photo can make your resume stand out from all the others that may look similar.  It’s also a window into who you are.  And it’s for that reason that you want to make sure you look your very best in the picture.  That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to do this – I work in corporate America and, more importantly, my role in human resources gives me a unique insight into what hiring managers are saying about candidates.  So I know what looks good in the working world.  A great picture that captures you at your best can make a difference.

A special shout out to the photographer I worked with, Nicole Connolly, owner of Photo Fabulous You.  She is a true professional and has an eye for bringing out the best in her clients.











The Relationship Between Your Money & Your Career

Happy Friday!!! Hope you all had an awesome week.  Last week I missed my weekly post – oops and sorry!  Between a super busy week at work, life as a mom of two and preparing for and then celebrating my good friend and sorority sister’s wedding, the time just escaped me.  But I am back and so excited about what I am going to share with you.

This week I had the esteemed pleasure of meeting Alexa Von Tobel.  If you don’t know who she is, she is the New York Times bestselling author of Financially Fearless and the founder & CEO of LearnVest – a company’s whose sole focus is to make financial planning more accessible to people everywhere.  She was recently named a Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship and has been on Inc Magazine’s “30 under 30” and Forbes “Women to Watch” list, to name a few – the accolades for Alexa are endless.

Alexa came to EMC to speak at our last Women’s Leadership Forum event for 2014.  Speaking to a packed house, she shared the LearnVest 7 step action plan for financial freedom.

Listening to her speak about the challenges the average American faces, I was blown away by the reality we live in.  A few stats Alexa shared:

  • 76% of Americas feel out of control when it comes to their money (LearnVest, 2011)
  • 76% of Americas live paycheck to paycheck (CNN, 2013)

That’s 3 out of 4 people – unbelievable but true!

Working in Human Resources, that immediately made me think about the possible impact that financial burden could have on employees and their careers.

The things we have going on in our life (good and bad) have an impact on us at work.  Someone who is constantly worried about how they will make ends meet won’t be 100% focused at work.  That lack of focus will lead to a lack of productivity, which can have a long-term impact on your career progression.  And that lack of focus and productivity will have a financial impact to the company’s bottom line.  In other words, your financial distress is yours and your companies’ problem.

That led to two thoughts:

  • First, it should be a company’s imperative to help ALL their employees be financially smart.  Many companies offer financial planning benefits to their executives, who, let’s face it, are making good money and don’t NEED the help.  Those that make less money and have similar demand on their cash are the ones that REALLY need the help, so why not offer a service like LearnVest to your employees.  It’s a win-win.  The company removes a major stress from their employees’ lives – finances – in turn they are more focused and productive.  And that, in turn, means $$ to the company.
  • Secondly, for anyone that is career ambitious, not only is it in your livelihood’s best interest, but also in your career’s best interest for you to be disciplined with your finances.  Again, less stress equals more focus and productivity, which will lead to getting noticed, promotions and pay raises.

Alexa did not make the goal of financial savviness and freedom easy, but she made it sound achievable.  But it takes clear goals and discipline.  No different that our individual paths to our “dream job”, which we all meticulously plan out, so why not spend an equal amount of time getting our money in check.

Some final words on Alexa.  What an impressive individual! She has achieved so much success and she is self-made.  And she’s done this all by 31!


My fellow board members and I with Alexa Von Tobel.  Alexa is in the middle.

Some of my fellow board members and I with Alexa Von Tobel. Alexa is in the middle.


Book signing!

Book signing!


Can't wait to dive into this book

Can’t wait to dive into this book