Celebrate Halloween Without Tarnishing Your Personal Brand

In honor of Halloween, this week I’ll be dishing style advice for work appropriate Halloween costumes.  Just because it’s the one holiday of the year where anything goes, doesn’t mean you can be that literal at the office.  Let’s face it, work doesn’t stop, our clients will call us and while the atmosphere may be a little bit more laid back, you could get pulled into a meeting with a Vice President AT ANY MOMENT.  You do not want to be in that meeting thinking “I should not have worn this costume today.”  So it’s important your Halloween festivities are on-point.  Here are a few tips for celebrating while still being office ready.

  • Halloween is not the time to forget about work attire etiquette.  Thinking of dressing up like a sexy nurse or a sultry vampire?  Think again.  You still want to be taken seriously so make sure your costume doesn’t give too much away, or everything.  You wouldn’t dress provocatively on any other day, so don’t start today.

If it says "sexy" on the packaging, don't wear it to the office.

  •  Make sure you are client ready, literally.  Even though it’s a fun holiday, our clients need us, and when they do, they mean business.  Don’t get caught looking like an episode from “Walking Dead”.




  • Leave offensive costumes at home.  Better yet, leave them at the store.  It goes without staying, racist or offensive costumes are a no-no, no matter what the occasion.  It’s about having fun, not being a jerk.

Rude costumes need not show up.


  • The best costume ideas are the ones that incorporate your professional attire.  If you have a casual Friday policy, you can wear jeans with a flannel top, add a hat and boots and you are a cowgirl.  Hat off with a quick shoe change and you are ready for that last minute meeting.  Have to dress more “corporate”?  How about a black sheath, a string of pearls, hair pulled back and now you are channeling Audrey Hepburn.


Can't go wrong with a classic.


Hope these tips get you into the Halloween spirit while keeping your reputation intact.  Have fun and stay safe!  Happy Halloween!